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Bugs Mayhem – AR23D enters into Games

Bugs Mayhem – AR23D enters into Games
Game Name: Bugs Mayhem
Platforms: iOS / iPhone / iPad
Developer(s): AR23D
Genre(s): Arcade / Shooter / AR
Release Date: Oct 2012
ESRB Rating: N/A

Augmented Reality is definitely a component of next generation mobile game design thinking.  Augmented Reality Studio AR23D from Russia and the Ukraine has released its first game, Bugs Mayhem.  While the gameplay itself is similar to other AR implementations we have seen, what makes this interesting is that this studio set out to establish its AR tech via a number of non-gaming apps before venturing into a game development phase.

Realistic approach and the quality of Augmented Reality will stir your imagination – this game stands out due to a higher level of technology used in it comparing with all other games you have played before.

Boasting a more polished approach to gameplay, this studio may be setting themselves up for success as a 3rd party developer and API developer for other studios looking to add this game element to their established game franchise.

Bugs Mayhem itself  is a pretty simple free game.  It’s not overpolluted with additional game elements and social media plugins.  It fills your space with butterflies and more sinister giant insects and then gives you a great arsenal of the usual FPS weapons to shoot them with.  It’s like a next gen Duck Hunt game.  We will keep an eye on these guys to see what direction they head in next.


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