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Buyer Beware – 3rd Party iPhone 5 chargers may not be the bargain you are looking for.

As with any major consumer trend, the wholesale knock-off market is flooded with the latest in iPhone 5 accessories. These products make it into the marketplace via thousands of online retail sites or the low rent kiosks you find in every shopping mall, airport or corner store these days. Now that the iPhone 5 is in its 5th generation and, as usual, breaking new sales records, we don’t even think twice about iphone / ipod accessories.

Apple has decided its time to put the brakes on and slow that sector of the marketplace down for as long as they can.

Unbeknownst to some, the new iPhone 5 Lightning cable , comes with an authentication chip that sits directly in the signal path of the voltage wire.  Your brand new iPhone will not charge unless it pairs with this chip.  Naturally, the authentication algorithm is proprietary to Apple. This tech has led to a significant increase in the production cost of the stock Apple charging cable and, subsequently, a higher retail price for the accessory.

Consumer knowledge of this has led to an increased demand for the authentic Lightning cable and an inventory shortfall. The cable is already out of stock in most retail outlets.

In the near future, its best to resist the urge to buy a cheaper 3rd party charger.  Even if it works now, all it will take is a simple iOS update from Apple to render any current generation accessory useless.  As soon as we are able to source a reliable  3rd party accessory, licensed or otherwise,  we will let you know right here at 

So, don’t take it personally if your iPhone 5 buddies aren’t returning your calls, texts or Game Center requests. It’s more likely their batteries ran low.

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