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Punch Quest , more 16 bit action in next generation gaming

My iOS devices are stuffed with all the games I have downloaded over the years but, like many, at any one time, I find myself playing just a limited few.  At the moment, one of my favorite single player games on my iPad is Punch Quest .

Punch quest has the addictive gameplay of the current “Dash” genre of games (Dash Genre =  Temple Run, Agent Dash etc) but it adds a combat experience as well.  While I never noticed it in the dash games, Punch Quest takes me back to my arcade and early console games where starting a new game was as easy as a rest button or another quarter away.  Thankfully, Punch Quest doesn’t eat quarters the way Karate Champ did for me back in the day.  It’s a great side scroller where you run through a dungeon punching your way through ghouls, ghosts and skeletons while picking up treasure as you go.  I love the fact that there is a health meter instead of a single death/game over like in the dash games I mentioned.

Looking at the metrics, Punch Quest is one of top current game downloads from the appstore.  For a free to play game, it brings tons of great entertainment to your iPad.  Based on the other reviews, I’m not surprised   I am, however, curious about one thing.

If Punch Quest was done with next gen, current, graphics, would it be as popular?  I mentioned, above, that this game took me back to my classic coin-op arcade days and part of it would be the 16 bit ghouls and goblins style art.  While I get it the novelty in so many games being designed as an homage to our roots in the 80’s, does every game have to be this way?  So this is my dilemma.  It’s a great game but I’m curious to see it played with polished, high def graphics.  There is an opportunity to create some great, original, immersive artwork and content here.  Would it be as fun?  The simplicity of the 16 bit art allows me to focus on the gameplay, the strategy and pulling together the huge combos that make it feel so rewarding.

In the 80’s and 90’s 16 bit games were fun and we always marveled at them because they were the best we could get.  Now that so many titles are producing kitchy 8 bit art, I can’t help but feel like there are too many mobile developers not trying hard enough to push the envelope to deliver great titles that will create new memories instead of simply reminding us of how great games used to be.

That said, I totally recommend Punch Quest for your next arcade style fix.


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