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Digital Download Game World Inc.  was created in 2008 as a group of like minded video game enthusiasts, developers and retailers to observe and report on the growth of the digital distribution sector of the video game industry.

At the time, there was little in the area of communication and consumer guides to the best DLC purchases for the various gaming platforms.  Now the industry is thriving and digital downloads are fast becoming an industry standard as an option for new release video games on mobile, pc, and console gaming platforms.

At, we are having a great time finding the most pertinent stories of the day and bringing them to you.  Combine this with reviews of select digital downloads and mobile apps and we have the makings of a focal hub for the digital download game industry.

Marketed globally, Digital Download Game World sees the majority of its traffic coming, in order of volume, from the US, Canada, Australia and the UK.  We like to work directly with indie game developers to show the world that the digital distribution is allowing for great game design concepts from even the smallest of studios to make it in this competitive marketplace.

If you have a digital download project for iPhone, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PSP, DS or Steam please contact us so we can show it to the world.

We are also pleased to provide advertising, launch promotions and marketing services including affiliate sales, again contact us for more information.

Enjoy our site, come back often and we look forward to reading your comments.

Daniel Awadalla, CEO
Digital Download Game World Inc. Staff:

Mike Gardash, Business Analyst
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John Harley, Product Manager, CME,  Contributing Editor
Jorge Mijangos, Art
Siobhan Murphy, CAO

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